Embedded Wizard Studio: Create new project dialog

With this dialog you can create new projects. The project creation is based on templates provided with Embedded Wizard setup. This dialog appears when activating the command New ...:

Create new Embedded Wizard Project dialog

Select the template

The main area of the dialog displays a list of available project templates. For every template a short description is provided. You can scroll the list and select the best suitable template for the application case you intend to implement.

Name the new project

You have to specify a name for the new project. Please note, that the project name can't contain any of the following signs .<>:\"/\|?*:

Click on the first edit field and enter the project name.

Select the location

Per default new projects are created in the Embedded Wizard Projects sub-directory of your documents folder. You can however specify another location where to store the new project:

Click on the second edit field and enter the path to the directory where to store the new project

or click on the button Select ... to open a directory selection dialog.


The location has to be an absolute path starting with the drive letter (e.g. C:\). Selecting a network path will not work. In such case you have to configure the MS-Windows to assign to the network path a drive letter and use this letter in the location.

Create the project

Once the project name and location are specified click on the button Create new project.

Please note, Embedded Wizard creates for the project a new sub-directory named after the project name. For example, when the project name is MyNewProject, Embedded Wizard will create within the location directory a new sub-directory also called MyNewProject and store there all project files. For your convenience the complete path to the new directory is displayed in the bottom area of the dialog: