Build Environments: Getting started with Renesas

Renesas provides a couple of MCUs and MPUs for graphics applications. Some of the Renesas development kits are equipped with a graphical display and we provide a dedicated Build Environment.

Each of them contains a couple of UI projects and the necessary sources, libraries, scripts and makefiles to get the UI sample applications up and running on the target system.

Please note, that every Build Environment is prepared and tested exactly or for the referred evaluation kit. If you are using your own hardware with different memory layout, different peripherals or different display, you can use the Build Environments just as a template. Please feel free to adapt them according your needs.

Each Build Environment is described by a 'Getting Started' article that explains the ingredients and the recommended workflow.

The following table provides an overview of all available Renesas Build Environments and Getting Started articles:






RX65N Envision Kit (RPBRX65N)

120 MHz


Getting started with RX65N Envision Kit (RPBRX65N).

RZ/A1H Display It (RZ/A1H RSK)

400 MHz


Getting started with RZ/A1H Display It (RZ/A1H RSK).