Embedded Wizard Studio: Rename template dialog

With this dialog you can rename a template within the Gallery Templates window. This dialog appears when activating the command Rename template ... in the context menu of the Gallery Templates window.

Rename template dialog

Enter new template name

To rename the template enter the new name in the edit field found in the upper area of the dialog. Please note, that the template name can't contain any of the following signs .<>:\"/\|?*:

Edit the template description

Besides the renaming of templates you can also leave a short description for the affected template. For this purpose enter the description in the large text edit field of the dialog:

The description is displayed in the Gallery Templates window just below the name of the affected template item. Please note, that the Gallery Templates window limits to show at most the first paragraph of the description. The entire text is displayed in the tooltip window when you rest with the mouse cursor over the template item: