Embedded Wizard Studio: Build in batch mode dialog

With this dialog you can select several profiles to generate the code at once. This is in particular useful in projects containing many profiles when after making a modification in the project you want new code being generated for all of your supported target systems. This dialog appears when activating the command Build in batch mode ...:

Build in batch mode dialog

Select the profiles

The left part of the dialog contains a list with all profiles belonging to the current project and, displayed in gray color, the names of the associated platform packages. You can determine for each profile individually whether it should be involved in the build process or not.

To include or exclude a profile, click with the mouse on the small check box found left of the name of the profile.

To include all available profiles click on the button Select all.

To exclude all profiles click on the button Deselect all.


The build process is started by pressing the button Build. This process may take between few seconds and several minutes. The progress and eventual warning or error messages are reported within the Log window.