Embedded Wizard Studio: Color statistic dialog

This dialog appears when activating the command Start Prototyper with color statistic ... while there is already statistic data collected from a preceding Prototyper run. In this case you have to decide how to proceed.

Color statistic dialog

Color statistic is a feature of Embedded Wizard allowing automatic CLUT generation (color look-up table) to use in target systems running its graphics hardware with Index8 color format. Knowing the really used colors Embedded Wizard can optimize the resulting CLUT in the best way.


To continue with the already collected color statistic information press the button Resume. In this case new color statistic information is appended to the existing, already available data. This option is useful if you want to generate the CLUT from color statistic cumulated from several individual Prototyper runs.


To start with a completely new color statistic press the button Discard. In this case all previously collected statistic data will be removed before new data is collected by the Prototyper.


Once removed, the statistic data can't be recovered.


Pressing the button Cancel aborts the operation without starting the Prototyper and without modifying any existing statistic data.