Reference for the Mosaic class Core::Event


The class Core::Event provides the base functionality for all events. The events are used to feed GUI components with user inputs and notifications from the target device, like an 'empty battery' event, etc. The events are dispatched and propagated by the framework. The necessary infrastructure is provided in the classes Core::View and Core::Group.

The class Core::Event doesn't define any particular behavior. It exists as an empty base for all derived event classes like the Core::KeyEvent or Core::LanguageEvent.

method uint32 GetCurrentTime();

The method 'GetCurrentTime()' returns the current time expressed in milliseconds. The value can be used e.g. to calculate the time span elapsed since the event was generated (see Time).

var bool IsTimeExact;

The variable 'IsTimeExact' helps the application code to determine whether the time stamp stored in Time does really correspond to the event generation time. This variable is set 'true' only when the target system has provided precise information about the event generation time. If the information is not available, the variable is 'false' and Time stores the system time when the event object (and not the event) was created.

var uint32 Time;

The variable 'Time' stores the time in milliseconds the event was generated.