Embedded Wizard Studio: Status bar

The Status bar displays various context dependent informations like the current mouse cursor position. The bar is found at the bottom edge of Embedded Wizard main window and it is fixed arranged.

Status bar

The Status bar is composed of several independent information pane areas.

Hint area

The first pane on the left displays the description about the menu item or the toolbar button the user is currently selecting.

Members count area

In the second pane the Status bar displays the number of members available or selected in the current context. For example, when you are currently editing a GUI component in the Composer, the Status bar will display how many members this component currently contains or how many members you have selected in Composer.

Editor position area

The third pane displays the position of the caret when you are editing text. For example, when you are working with the Code Editor, the Status bar will display the editor's current line and the column position.

Composer position area

The fourth pane displays the current mouse cursor position within the Composer window. The position is expressed in pixel relative to the top-left corner of the Canvas area.

Composer size area

The last and rightmost pane displays the size of the rectangular bounds area surrounding the members currently selected within the Composer window. The size is expressed in pixel. Alternatively, the pane displays the current size of the Canvas area while the user is resizing it.