Member attributes: FontName

This attribute specifies the name of the font represented by a font resource member.




The attribute FontName determines the name of a Microsoft Windows TrueType font to use when generating code for the particular font resource member. The name can be any text as long as it specifies a TrueType font installed on your Windows system. If the font is not available, Embedded Wizard will use an alternative, as far as possible similar font and report the corresponding warning in the Log window.


If desired, Embedded Wizard can install the necessary fonts temporarily just for the while when you are working on your project. For this purpose, store the TrueType font files (.TTF or .OTF) within the folder of your Embedded Wizard project or within a folder containing one of your units. Just in the moment when you open the project in Embedded Wizard, the found font files will be installed automatically. As soon as you close the project, the fonts are removed again. The temporarily installed fonts are available for Embedded Wizard only and have no impact on other Windows applications running on your system.

Modify the attribute

To inspect or modify the value of a FontName attribute, select first the affected font resource member. Thereupon, the attribute is listed in the middle area of Inspector. Please note the available assistant you can activate by clicking on the button right to the attribute. The assistant lists all fonts available on your Windows system:


The attribute FontName can be localized allowing the creation of font resource members optimized to display multilingual text. For this purpose expand the attribute by clicking on the small triangle left to the attribute. All available language specific values are listed thereupon below the attribute and can be modified individually:

If you haven't specified any particular language specific value for the attribute, the value from the fallback language Default is used automatically. Once localized values can be removed easily by pressing the keys CtrlR when the affected value is selected.