Member attributes: Default

This attribute determines the initial value of a variable or property member.




The attribute Default determines the expression to initialize a variable or property member. Accordingly, the result of the expression must match the data type specified in the Type attribute of the respective variable or property.

The expression is evaluated during the initialization of an object containing the affected variable or property. Unless the affected member is not an inherited property, the resulting value is simply stored in the memory area associated to it. Inherited properties, in turn, are initialized by calling their onset methods. If the attribute is left empty, the affected member retains its original (evtl. inherited) value.

Modify the attribute

To inspect or modify the value of a Default attribute, select first the affected variable or property member. Thereupon, the attribute is listed in the middle area of Inspector. Depending on the data type of the member, an additional assistant may be available you can activate by clicking on the button right to the attribute:

Revert to inherited value

If you have modified the Default attribute of an inherited member, you can simply revert to its original (inherited) value by pressing the keys CtrlR when the attribute is selected in Inspector.