Programming language Chora: Built-in macros

Aside from allowing user-define macros, Chora compiler provides its own set of predefined macros when processing the code of methods or initialization expressions. These macros are useful to evaluate to currently selected project configuration as well as the status of the compilation:

Macro name

Short description


Determines whether the current code is executed in context of the Composer window.


The number of the current code line.


The name of the currently compiled method.


The name of the platform package the code is compiled for.


The name of the currently selected profile.


Determines whether the current code is interpreted or whether it is compiled for the target system.


Current date/time.


The version of Embedded Wizard.


The name of the root object (the application) class.


The name of the application.


The title of the application.


The desired orientation of the screen in the device.


The effective size of the screen.