Platform Package reference: Function EwPrintPerfCounters()

Description of the function EwPrintPerfCounters() available in the Professional edition of Platform Packages for ANSI C compatible target systems. This function is intended for debugging purpose only.


void EwPrintPerfCounters( void )


The function EwPrintPerfCounters() prints the time values measured and collected in all performance counters since the last EwResetPerfCounters() invocation. The collected information is convenient to analyze performance issues with the GUI application and the particular target system.


Please note, in order to use the performance counters the Platform Package modules and the GUI application has to be compiled with the C macro EW_PRINT_PERF_COUNTERS defined. Platform Packages contained in the Small Business edition of Embedded Wizard are provided as libraries compiled without this macro resulting in this function not being available. Similar is true if you are using an Evaluation edition of a Platform Package.