Platform Package reference: Function EwNewString()

Description of the function EwNewString() available in all Platform Packages for ANSI C compatible target systems. This function is intended to be used when integrating the Embedded Wizard created GUI application with the underlying graphics subsystem, graphics hardware or other external GUI applications coexisting on the same system.


XString EwNewString( const XChar* aString )



Pointer to a zero terminated wide-character (16-bit per character) string to create a copy.


The function EwNewString() creates and returns a copy of the given string aString. The function reserves memory for the new string and copies all characters from aString string into this reserved memory area.

Please note, the returned string is controlled by the Embedded Wizard Runtime Environment. If not used anymore, the string is released automatically during the next EwReclaimMemory() invocation. Please see Be careful when exchanging strings.