Platform Package reference: Function EwUnlockBitmap()

Description of the function EwUnlockBitmap() available in all Platform Packages for ANSI C compatible target systems. This function is intended to be used when integrating the Embedded Wizard created GUI application with the underlying graphics subsystem, graphics hardware or other external GUI applications coexisting on the same system.


void EwUnlockBitmap( XBitmapLock* aLock )



The lock object returned by the previous EwLockBitmap() call.


The function EwUnlockBitmap() provides a counterpart to EwLockBitmap(). When called, the function releases the given bitmap lock and if necessary, transfers all modifications back to the video memory of the bitmap and flushes the CPU caches. After calling this function, the XBitmapLock structure will become invalid.