Platform Package reference: Function EwConfigViewport()

Description of the function EwConfigViewport() available in all Platform Packages for ANSI C compatible target systems. This function is intended to be used when integrating the Embedded Wizard created GUI application with the underlying graphics subsystem, graphics hardware or other external GUI applications coexisting on the same system.


int EwConfigViewport( XViewport* aViewport, XPoint aPos, XInt32 aOpacity )



Viewport to reconfigure its framebuffer.


Position, where the framebuffer should be shown on the screen. Please note: The value is already expressed in coordinates valid within the target display by taking in account all particular configuration aspects like the default rotation of the framebuffer contents, etc.


Opacity value for the framebuffer in the range 0 .. 255. 0 = fully transparent. 255 = fully opaque.


The function EwConfigViewport() changes the configuration of the viewport. Generally, the function can modify the settings of framebuffers belonging to the viewport. If successful, the function returns != 0 (not zero). If the viewport doesn't support the parameter modification the function returns 0 (zero). The viewport is created by using the function EwInitViewport().