Platform Package reference: Function EwBeginUpdate()

Description of the function EwBeginUpdate() available in all Platform Packages for ANSI C compatible target systems. This function is intended to be used when integrating the Embedded Wizard created GUI application with the underlying graphics subsystem, graphics hardware or other external GUI applications coexisting on the same system.


XBitmap* EwBeginUpdate( XViewport* aViewport )



Viewport to begin the drawing operations.


The function EwBeginUpdate() initiates the screen update cycle for the given viewport and provides access to its framebuffer via the returned temporary bitmap. The returned bitmap covers the framebuffer and can serve as the destination in all drawing operations until the function EwEndUpdate() is called. Due to the platform specific framebuffer limitations the returned bitmap may not be used as source in the drawing operations.

If successful, the function returns a temporary bitmap providing the access to the framebuffer of the viewport.